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MK Material

An experienced and reliable partner in business focused on customer satisfaction and finding effective solutions.

Why Us?

Creating a solid brand through production based on many years of experience and providing our partners and clients in the automotive and industrial sector with trustworthy, high quality, fast and efficient services and products.

Our mission

Special Products

We manufacture non-standard elements for special projects of our clients.

Our Products

Our standard range of products conforming to EN, DIN and ISO standards.

Our Services

We have a wide range of possibilities for the production of various elements using various techniques.


What distinguishes design from art is the fact that design is ... functional.

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The reasons why our automotive, machinery, medical and supply industry customers in Turkey and in the world prefer us are:

Many years of experience in the industry,

Future-oriented R&D investments,

High quality solutions oriented to customer needs,

Customer relations based on trust and respect,

Full responsibility for products.